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The custommail SaaS platform makes
direct mail marketing simple.

Start sending highly personalized postcards to your targeted prospect lists and immediately boost your direct mail ROI. With Custommail, you can:

Built for Small Business and Enterprise

Whether you’re sending 100 postcards or 10,000, custommail offers an simpler way to send targeted direct. mail.

We help you grow your business with direct mail marketing one custom at a time – without any limitation on quickly you can grow and drive new customer acquisition.

Simple Postcard Campaign Management

Direct mail list management does not have to be complex. Just upload your list file, select your template, and send to your targeted mailing list.

With custommail, you don’t need to send your CSV file to your printer and wonder which when your postcards or letters are sent and delivered. We make your list and campaign management simple.

1 to 1 Design Personalization

Your customers are unique, so your direct mail should be too. If you can segment your customer and prospect lists, we can delivery a more relevant message and targeted design to each and every one of your list segments.

That means you’ll achieve a better response rate and higher marketing ROI.

Faster Delivery, Better Tracking

Don’t wait 5 days to send out your postcards and wonder if your customer ever received your direct mail piece. We’ll get yoru postcard printed and sent in 24-48 hours 1st class mail, and then track delivery by USPS.

custommail offers a simpler, more effective way
to do direct mail.

Its easy, fast, and low cost.